Amblegreen's Norwich Terriers

The arrival of our first Norwich in 2001 was the beginning of a new era at Amblegreen...We hope you enjoy seeing and reading more about our Terriers and their accomplishments.

The Norwich Terrier is one of the smallest terriers in size, with the ideal height not exceeding 10 inches at the withers. Although he/she may be small in size you can expect a happy, affectionate companion who is game for anything. The Norwich is a real terrier in spirit but without the quarrelsome nature. They are very people oriented and do best in homes where they are allowed to be under foot. Generally, they have small litters and you can expect to wait quite a while for 'your' puppy. The Norwich is a breed that does well with other pets and is loving to people of all ages.  

Me and the gang of Norwich and their Affenpinscher friends on our trip to Colorado - 
September 2011. Scooter/Fly/Spice/Fizz/Panda and Kona peeking...

Our Links page can provide you with a few other Norwich breeders who are as dedicated to this wonderful breed as we are.  We encourage you to check out their sites as well.


Our Stud Dogs:  - 

Our boys are available on a limited basis to bitches who have had their hips OFA tested/patellas checked
 and eyes OFA'd or Cerf'd (certified).   

 If you are interested in any of our boy's we suggest you contact us early... 


At Kona's only Canadian show in 2011 we were pleased to debut him at Tradex - Lower Mainland Dog Fancier's Show (largest dog show in Canada).  Kona was handled by my dear friend Cyndy Monk and had a good weekend.  He picked up BOW on the Saturday and also a Best Puppy in Terrier Group.  On the Sunday he went BOB over Specials and is now half way to his Canadian Championship!

In 2012 he finished both his US Championship taking a 5 point major from Bred By, and also his Canadian Champion going Best of Winners over the first 2 days of the Tradex dog show.  We are very PROUD of our boy and can't say enough about how much he warms our hearts.  He is a favourite in our home and is found on any lap he can get on...


AM. & Canadian Champion 
Amblegreen Top Notch 

Sire: Am Ch. Abbedale Top Brass at Taliesin
Dam: GrCh Am/Can Ch. Amblegreen Notti But Nice

Black and Tan, DOB Dec. 26, 2010
CHIC # 87923
OFA Eyes Normal (Replaces Cerf) - NT-EYE80/77M-VPI
OFA Hips - NT-700E25M-VPI
OFA Patellas - NT-PA505/12M/P-VPI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA175/12M/P-VPI
OFA Primary Lens Luxation - NT-PLL25/20M/VPI
DNA - Normal/Clear for the "Fluffy" gene

Breeders/Owners:  Heather & Geoff Tomlins
Loved and cared for now by Matt and Melissa Tomlins

"Kona" is a wonderful terrier and a hit in our home.  Everyone who meets him loves him and he is a wonderful representative for the breed both in type and temperament.  His size is what a Norwich should be for a male - 13 pounds and with lots of bone and head.

Highlights in the ring include:

2011 - First US show - 5 point Major at the Western Washington Terrier Specialty (Aug. 2011)  He beat 6 specials along the way - all from the Bred By Class.  He also went Winner's Dog the following 2 days.  Kona was also picked as Best Bred By in Norwich. Continuing on he picked up 7 more points in Colorado in September including a nice 5 point major.  Kona took the Breed over 5 nice specials & at that time needed only 1 point to finish.   

 In 2011, we also attended the Montgomery Terrier 'circuit' - four shows .  Kona was shown in a very large competitive Bred By class (not easy for a young puppy).  He did great picking up a 4th and two 2nd's in his class, plus Reserve Winners Dog at the Devon Dog Show.  He also won his Sweeps class at Montgomery... It was fun to have so many people get to see him especially the owner of his Dad - Lisa Sons!  This is such a great series of show with more Norwich then you will see anywhere!  Seeing old friends and catching up is the icing on the cake!!!  Special Thanks to Linda and Peter Dowdle for being such wonderful hosts!

Taliesin Norwich Terriers - home of Kona's Sire


 New American Champion
Amblegreen Myk-Lyn's Sterling

 Sire:Am Ch. Pocket Change of Image (Jingles) 
 Dam:  Ch. Amblegreen Raffi Taffi

Red, DOB January 17, 2016

Breeders: Heather Tomlins & Lynne Davis
Owned by the White Family in Sacramento, California and Heather Tomlins

Stuey is a blast!!  He has been a going concern since the beginning. But he is also funny and playful too.  We have had lots of fun showig him so far - not often but enough to see how much he enjoys it!

In 2016 he went Best Baby Puppy in Show 5 of the 8 times show. Once he was old enough to start earning points he earned Winners Dog a number of times. Most exciting he went Best Puppy at the Terrier Specialty at the October 2016 BC All Terrier show. 

Stuey has now headed South and we look forward to hearing about him from his new family! 

This young dog has made us so Proud - not only is he a great family pet but he also loves to show!  At the April Sacramento shows - Sterling earned 10 points and a Group placement shown by me! 

Amy Rutherford handled Sterling to his Championship at the Napa dog shows... Thank you !  So thrilled for his family and us...


 Stuey on the move




Our Current Girls :

If anyone ever wonders about our Norwich's names the current ones are mostly named after Hawaiian beers...or beers we like... And also coffee related names!


Stella - first BOB and Group 4

Canadian Champion
 Amblegreen Dralion Hot Blonde

 Sire:  Ch. Fairewood Forever Blue Jeans
 Dam:  GrCh Am/MBPIS Can Ch. Amblegreen Bikini Blonde

Red, DOB February 6, 2014
CHIC # 114704
OFA Eye Normal - NT-EYE188/28F-VPI

 OFA Hips - NT-955G26F-VPI

OFA Patellas - NT-PA823/15F/P-VPIOFA
Cardiac - NT-CA306/15F/P-VPI

Breeders: Heather Tomlins/Linda & Peter Dowdle

We are so excited about this little dynamo! She is a delightful girl and a nice addition here. 

 When Linda and I decided to collaborate on this breeding I was thrilled as I knew Spice would be in great hands with her and Peter.  Things worked out wonderfully and Spice presented us with two lovely bitch pups!  

Stella got to show at the Portland Kennel Club's 4 to 6 month puppy show and did great.  She went BOB Norwich puppy (4 there) and went on to be 4-6 month Puppy Terrier Group 1 !!  Not bad for her first day in the ring ...

Stella never got shown again until Portland 2015...She did great going BOB the first two days from the classes with a nice entry of 15...and earned her first two majors! She also went Group 4 the first day shown.  She was handled by "Auntie" Cyndy - Thank you !

 Stella and I also made the trip back to Pennsylvania for Montgomery and the circuit there.  Tons of fun with friends and I was so thrilled as Stella went Reserve Winners Bitch 3 of the 4 days she was shown! She also got a 3rd from a large bred by class at Montgomery.  Very nice for this young bitch on her only two US outings!                                                              
We are pleased to say that Stella also free whelped her litters! 

 Grand Canadian Champion
Amblegreen Dralion Maui Mokka

  Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Amblegreen Top Notch 
 Dam:  Can Ch. Dralion Charlies Ebony Angel

Black and Tan, DOB February 19, 2015

Breeders: Heather Tomlins/Linda & Peter Dowdle

Owners: Heather Tomlins and Cyndy Monk

 How exciting that Linda and I were able to collaborate again and so thrilled that there was a lovely litter of 4 to choose from !  Thank you Linda and Peter for being so great to work with...

Mokka arrived and we knew right away that she was a special puppy.  She had a certain way about her and we hoped for a bright future.  With my trip back East to show and then our upcoming Maui trip it made sense for her to move over to Cyndy's for a while. 

In 2016  Mokka and Cyndy have continued to do well and have earned 1 Group Two; 4 Group Three's; and 1 Group Four!

Mokka also just finished her Canadian Championship!!  And a few weekends later her Grand Championship!!

Mokka also has both her majors from the competitive Northern California shows in Sacramento - April 2017.  She will continue to work on her US Championship in 2018.  

Mokka had a lovely litter in June 2017 and was a great Mom...
watch for her daughter Beanie and co-owner Darcy Bartholomay.



Mokka's first BPIS

What a team... In 2015 Cyndy had shown her 7 days and at 8 months she has gone Best Puppy in Group all 7 times!  If that wasn't enough she went on to win Best Puppy in show twice too!!  Way to go Mokka and Cyndy...

Piper would not be here without a big Thank you to my dear friend Nilda Dorini of Zara Norfolks.  Nilda has been a special buddy for a long time and has looked after a number of my Norwich over the years...  When she offered to whelp out Stella's litter as we were going to be away we knew she would be in the best of hands.

Geoff and I were thrilled to find out that Stella had free whelped her pups a few days before we got back from our place in Maui...

 Piper was a fun puppy ...busy and happy and always making us laugh! 

She was shown as a Baby Puppy  and earned 4 Best Baby Puppy in Groups and one Best Baby Puppy in Specialty Show (at her 5  Baby Puppy shows). 

Once she was old enough Piper did great and ended up taking the Breed the last day of the VIDFA show for her first points - first weekend out!

She finished quickly the weekend of the Comox Dog Show with 3 group placements...  Watch for her to be show occasionally in 2017.

Piper has made the trip to Ontario and is now making her home with good friends Linda and Peter Dowdle.


Piper Group 3 - Comox


 Canadian Champion
Amblegreen Dark Matter

  Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Amblegreen Top Notch 
 Dam:  Amblegreen Dralion Hot Blonde

Black and Tan, DOB November 20th, 2016

OFA Patellas - NT-PA967/16F/P-VPI
Cardiac - NT-CA341/16F/P-VPI

Breeders: Heather Tomlins

Owners: Linda Dowdle and Heather Tomlins

Piper BPISS April16

Thank you to Terrier Judge Darle Heck for this nice win!

Her  first show out in 2017




New MBPIS Canadian Champion & American Champion Dralion Amblegreen Mavi Gold

 Sire:  Ch. Fairewood Forever Blue Jeans
 Dam:  Can Ch. Dralion's Addison Vanderwoude

Red, DOB 01/20/2017

Breeders: Linda an Peter Dowdle
Co-Owned with Linda and Peter - Dralion

Thank you Linda and Peter!  I've so enjoyed us working together and thtrilled that Stitch has come out to join my crew. I love my "Jeans" daughter Stella and also watching the "Funny Girls" that Kelly Woods has bred - see Lily below as well.  So I couldn't pass up an opportunity to have Stitch come!!

What can I say about this little Dynamo!!  She is  funny, confident and a showing machine!  I look forward to lots more exciting times  with Stitch and I'll try to keep it up to date... 

Highlights include 3 Best Puppy in Shows and 14 Best Puppy in Groupds!!

Here is my Best Buddy Cyndy showing Stitch to her first BPIS!!



Our Co-owned Girls Who live with others : 



Amblegreen Trouble's BrewN

 Sire:  Ch. Denmar's Shoot for the Moon
 Dam:  GrCan Ch. Amblegreen Dralion Maui Mokkka
Black and Tan

Breeder: Heather Tomlins and Cyndy Monk
Co-Owned by Darcy Bartholomay and Heather Tomlins

 So thrilled to introduce Beanie from a litter Cyndy and I were very excited about! We are also thrillled that she is living with Dracy who is such a great home - and a wonderful groomer and handler!!

We wish you and Beanie tons of fun Darcy!! 





Canadian Champion
Paradym Dralion Lily Tomlns

 Sire:  Ch. Fairewood Forever Blue Jeans
 Dam:  Am/Can Ch. Paradym Bet on Black

Black and Tan

Breeder: Kelly Woods

Co-Owned with Kelly Woods and Linda Dowdle
Lives with and is Loved by Marianne Holmes

Although I'm far away from being involved in Lily's life I'm a cheerleader from afar!!   Thank you ladies for letting me be involved and continued success with all the Funny Girls!! 

Way to go Lily for earning a lovely 5 point Major at Devon Dog Show... so fun as all of us co-owners were there and she was handled by Marianne Holmes whom she lives with!


    Taffi is also the Dam of the handsome Stuey  shown above! 


Grand Am Ch Amblegreen Raffi Taffi

 Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Amblegreen Top Notch 
 Dam:  GrCh Am/MBPIS Can Ch. Amblegreen Bikini Blonde

Wheaten, DOB 03/10/2012

CHIC # 99903
OFA Eye Normal (Replaces Cerf ) - NT-381687
OFA Hips - NT-817E28F-VPI
OFA Patellas - NT-PA746/28F/C-VPI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA251/22F/P-VPI

Breeders: Heather & Geoff Tomlins

Co-Owned with Lynne Davis - Myk-Lyn's Norwich Terriers

"Taffi" was a lovely puppy from the get go! She was full of enthusiasm and pretty to look at...  We are so pleased that she is with Lynne and we wish them both success.  

Taffi has done a great job out in the ring  with her two capable handlers - Lynne and her lovely daughter Brittany.  Congrats and thank you for doing such a lovely job with her!! 

We are so pleased that Lynne allowed Taffi to come to Idaho in June for the Blackfoot/Pocatello shows.  There was a great turnout of Norwich with 13 bitches shown. Taffi went Winners Bitch the first two days picking up 5 point majors both days.  She then went on to BOS the 3rd day (beating her Sister Tutti!) and went Select the 4th day...  Also exciting was the call that Taffi went Group 3 at a recent show!  Way to go Lynne and Taffi...

We Wish Lynne continued success with this little dynamo!!


This is such a great photo of Jill and Etta working together ! 

Congrats on Etta and Jill who earned the Senior Earthdog title in May 2014!  Way to go girls ...

Wanted to send out a big Congrats to "Etta's" wonderful 'Mom' and co-owner...since Etta joined Jill they have been working on and earning many different dog titles. Thought it was high time to put it all together!

Amblegreen Notti Marietta CGC, RA, BN, PCD, PCDX, ME, RATI, RATN, Cdn JE

CGC = Canine Good Citizen
Rally titles - RN, RA (only list top title as you must have the RN to get an RA) = Rally Novice, Rally Advanced
Obedience: BN = Beginner Novice, PCD  = Pre Companion Dog, PCDX = Pre Companion Dog Excellent
Earthdog - JE, SE, ME (and CKC JE)
Barnhunt - RATI = Barn Hunt Instinct, RATN = Novice Barn Hunt

Sire: Dralion's Player at Amblegreen
Dam: Am/Can Ch. Amblegreen Notti Biscotti

Red Grizzle, DOB Sept. 23,  2010
CHIC # 85213
Cerf Clear (Sept. 2012 ) - NT-358018
OFA Patellas - NT-PA591/24F/P-VPI
OFA Hips - NT-678G24F-VPI

Breeder:  Heather Tomlins
Owners: Eliz Pearson/Jill Petersen & Heather Tomlins

 Etta is another nice example of the quality that Caper had produced for us!  Watch for this little dynamo.  She is now sharing her home with Jill Petersen.  We are so Proud of them both! 


Retired Norwich:  

Because we like to enjoy our terriers, and have them as part of the family in our home, it sometimes becomes necessary to make the difficult decision of parting with one.  Other times it might be one of our girls, whom we have a daughter to go on with, so now they can be a 'one and only' to someone special.  It is never easy parting with them but hard to move forward without doing this occasionally. If you might be interested in an healthy young adult (usually 3 or 4 years of age) please let us know.  They would be crate trained, leash broke, house broke - so all the hard work is done!!

Below are some of the retired dogs that have shared our hearts and our lives...  
We Can't Thank their new Families enough for opening their homes and hearts up to them.


Retired due to Reproduction issues - Sadly!!!

Grand Ch. Myk-Lyn's Amblegreen Johnny Reb
 Sire: GCH Ch. Cherber's Double Your Money at Image (Cash) 
 Dam:  Ch. Amblegreen Raffi Taffi

Red, DOB May 12, 2014
CHHIC # 116021
OFA Eyes Normal - NT-EYE360/18M-VPI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA319/18M/C-VPI
OFA Patellas - NT-PA925/27M/P-VPI
OFA Hips - NT-984G27M-VPI
Breeders: Lynne Davis & Heather Tomlins
Co-Owned with Lynne Davis - Myk-Lyn's Norwich Terrier

Johnny is an adorable fellow!  Lynne is having fun with him and we look forward to him spending some time with us too...  His Dad "Cash" is a terrier we have admired so we were very excited to have three lovely boys to choose from!  Johnny Reb is an old Johnny Cash tune and seemed a fitting name for this young dog.

Johnny has continued to do well. He was shown at the All Terrier Show in Pullayup and tookthe Breed that day over Specials!  The other 3 days he went Winner's Dog.  His only other show to date was in Albany Oregon where he once again did us Proud going Best of Winners all four days!  Way to go Lynne and Johnny!!

Johnny finished in June and we couldn't be Prouder of him and Lynne!  What a great team ... 

It was great to attended the Montgomery shows with Linda and Lynne.  Johnny showed like a dream and we are so Proud that he made the cut at Montgomery in Lynne's capable hands..


  Johnny at his first outing in November 2014

 Johnny OHBIS April16

Johnny and his 'goods' following his great showing at the Sacramento shows...  3 specialties too including 50+ Norwich.  I showed Johnny one day back at Montgomery but had a blast showing him in California.  He was a good boy and loves his 'job'!! 

Johnny also got shown in Canada at the FVDF and  BC All Terrier show and went BOB all 3 times he was shown.  !   He will be back in Canada in 2017 to finish up ...

American & Can.Champion
 Amblegreen Rickard's Red

Retired Now...

* #1 Norwich in Canada for 2011 *

 Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Dralion's Smiles and Chuckles 
 Dam:  Am/ Can Ch. Amblegreen Malibu Barbie

Red, DOB 01/18/10
Breeders : Heather & Geoff Tomlins
Owned By:   Sandy Keller

CHIC # 95876
OFA Eyes Normal (Replaces Cerf) - NT-EYE152/45M-VPI
OFA Hips - NT-658E29M-VPI
OFA Patellas - NT-PA554/29M/P-VPI
OFA Cardiac -
By descent - Normal/Clear for "Fluffy" Gene

Ricky made his debut at the Portland KC show.  He certainly did us Proud by going WD both days and BOW the 2nd day for a 4 point major!  

In Canada, Ricky finished with a number of BOB's, and also picked up four Best Puppy in Terrier Group wins. The highlight though was Ricky going Best Puppy in Specialty Show at the Terrier Specialty held in conjunction with the Lower Mainland Dog Fancier Show (Tradex) in October. Way to go Sandy and Ricky!!

As an adult Ricky did well and ended 2011 as Canada's  #1 Norwich.  Way to go Ricky!! 

Retired now ...


  Canadian Champion  & 
American Grand Champion
  Amblegreen Tutti Frutti 

 Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Amblegreen Top Notch 
 Dam:  GrCh Am/MBPIS Can Ch. Amblegreen Bikini Blonde

Red, DOB 03/10/2012

CHIC # 96649
OFA Eye Normal (Replaces Cerf ) - NT-EYE81/13F-VPI
OFA OFA Hips - NT-781E224F-VPI
OFA Patellas - NT-PA636/12F/P-VPI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA214/12F/P-VPI

Breeders/Owners : Heather & Geoff Tomlins

Tutti has impressed me from the beginning.  She is so like her Mom's side of the family and is a real sweetie around the house.  At 7 months she really seemed to enjoy her first show (Tradex) and I was so happy she handled it all so well considering we had done no classes before hand.  She went Winners Bitch or better at 3 of the 5 shows and now has 7 points in Canada from Bred By.

In April 2013 we debuted Tutti (13 months old) in the US heading down to the competitive Northern California Terrier shows.  At the Specialty Tutti went Best Opposite Sex in sweeps and also picked up her first major (4 points).  The following day at the Sacramento Kennel Club Show she went Best of Winners for her 2nd major (also 4 points).  

The following weekend on our way home we attended the Lewistone Spring Cluster which had a turnout of 14 Norwich including 10 bitches. The first two days of this series Tutti went Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex for two more majors (both 5 points) and finished!  We were THRILLED - and all from Bred By.  

She quickly finished her Grand Championship and earned a Group 2 in the Bred By ring - we are so PROUD of our girl... 

Tutti has given us a lovely girl Sired by Johnny above... Suki



American Champion!
 Amblegreen ZigZag Mystic Mojo 

 Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Amblegreen Top Notch 
 Dam:  ZigZag Lil Ruff Mustard 

Red, DOB 08/31/2012
OFA Eye Normal (Replaces Cerf ) - NT-EYE82/7F-VPI
OFA Hips - NT-897G33F-VPI

OFA Patellas - NT-PA681/14F/P-VPI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA235/14F/P-VPI

Breeders : Heather Tomlins & Joan Herstein
Owners: Heather Tomlins & Linda Dowdle

Macy is a character!  She is not only pretty to look at but she is a riot to have around.   

 In Canada she made her debut in March, and earned a Best Puppy in Terrier Group and also Winners bitch for her 1st point!

In the US she also headed down with us to California and Idaho - and went Reserve to Tutti one day. Now that her big 'Sister' has moved up we can focus more on Macy - watch for her over the summer.  

Macy has certainly learned how much she likes to show...she is a card out in the ring!  She has picked up points now at both the Mount Baker show in Lyndon (even going BOB over the other Norwich and her Special half Sister!). And at the Blackfoot/Pocatello shows where she went Reserve Winners Bitch to her half Sister Taffi the first two days.  On the 3rd day she picked up the 5 point major!  Way to go Macy...  

She finished at the Portland shows in July with two more majors!



Macy had a litter Sired by GrCh Paradym Mark My Words (Marco)
watch for her kids in 2017...



  Spice is a lovely example of correct type and size.  She has wonderful attitude and loves to be out there 'strutting her stuff' ! 

 Am GrCh/ MBPIS Canadian Ch. Amblegreen Bikini Blonde

 Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Dralion's Smiles and Chuckles 
 Dam:  Am/Can Ch. Amblegreen Malibu Barbie

Red, DOB 01/18/10
CHIC # 85112
Cerf Clear (Aug.11) - NT/727/2011
OFA Patellas - NT-PA415/12F/P-VPI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA143/12F/P-VPI
OFA Hips - NT-676G32F-VPI
By descent - Normal/Clear for "Fluffy" Gene

Breeders/Owners : Heather & Geoff Tomlins
Co-owners:  Linda & Peter Dowdle

  Spice had an outstanding show career finishing in Canada in one weekend.  This included going Best Puppy in Show not once but twice that weekend along with Best of Winners all 4 days and Best of Breed & Group 4 another day. Plus she was the Terrier Puppy Group winner 3 days...   She did equally well in the US garnering majors quickly and finished in limited showing including a couple of group placements.  She earned her Grand Champion in 7 days of showing!  

In 2012 she had 3 lovely pups -check out Amblegreen Tutti Frutti  above. Amblegreen Raffi Taffi is co-owned with our friend Lynne Davis.

In 2014 Spice had her second litter - two bitch pups!  She is now retired to the life of leisure and we wish this little dynamo a long and happy life... We miss you Spice Girl!!

American & Canadian Champion
 Amblegreen Malibu Barbie

 Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Windsor's Repeat Offender 
 Dam:  Am/Can Ch. Maralinga Malibu of Amblegreen

Red, DOB 02/22/07
CHIC # 57620
Cerf Clear (Mar. 2011) NT-520/2011
OFA Hips- NT-390G27F-VPI
OFA Elbows - NTEL64F27-VPI
OFA Patellas - NT-PA163/15F/P-PI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA76/16F/C-PI
DNA - Normal/Clear for "Fluffy" Gene
OFA Primary Lens Luxation - NT-PLL70/71F-VPI

Breeders : Heather Tomlins/ Dianne & Ray Ivey

Owners:  Matt & Melissa Tomlins

Highlights include: 

- 2008 - #1 Bitch & #4 overall
- Multiple Group Placements
- Multiple Puppy Group Wins

Dam of:
 - Am GrCh/ MBPIS Canadian Ch. Amblegreen Bikini Blonde
- Can.Ch. Amblegreen Rickard's Red - #1 Norwich in Canada 2011 
- Am Ch. Amblegreen Itsy B Shiner Bock


Barbie is aptly  named after the famous doll and is a Diva through and through! She is an up beat terrier with tons of personality!! We have been so thrilled to have shared our lives with her and are so happy she is now living with our Son and wife, Melissa. We still get to see her regularly and can continue to enjoy her playful personality.

 We go on with her bloodlines through her beautiful daughter "Spice", and her lovely Grand-Daughters -
Tutti, Taffi and Stella...



Co-Owned:  ZigZag Lil Ruff Mustard 

Sire: Amblegreen Definitely Notti
Dam: ZigZag's Dollars to Donuts

Red,  DOB May 25,  2010
CHIC # 82514
Cerf Clear (Nov. 2012 ) - NT-351984
OFA Hips - NT-649F24F-VPI
OFA Patellas - NT-PA527/21F/P-VPI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA179/21F/P-VPI

Breeder:  Joan & Gail Herstein
Owners: Joan Herstein & Heather Tomlins 
Groomed & Handled: Heather Tomlins

I was so pleased to be included in the future of this nice young bitch.  Lexi is the only daughter to date from our Cedric and it was so sweet of Joan to think of me... 

 Lexi was only shown a few times in Canada and currently has 5 points towards her Championship. 

We are pleased to announce that Lexi has had her first litter and look forward to showing her little girl off in the future... 

We are thrilled to introduce "Macy" who is Sired by our Kona and out of Lexi (ZigZag Lil Ruff Mustard).  Macy is co-bred and co-owned with my dear friend Joan Herstein... Thanks Joan!!!!




Ru'Cairn's Cristal 
 - born on January 1st
  so named  after Champagne!

Sire:   DKCH NORDJV08 DKKV09 Amblegreen
 Danish Connection
Dam:  DK Ch. Ru'Cairn's Boing Boing

Grizzle, DOB 01/01/10
CHIC # 81645
CERF Clear (Aug./11) NT-356682
OFA Patellas - NT-PA416/12F/P-VPI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA144/12F/P-VPI
OFA Hips - NT-626F25F-VPI

Breeder:  Anette Lysgaard
Owners:  Fred and Mary LaCount

When Anette and I talked about trading pups
 to allow us both some new blood it seemed like
long ways off...well she is finally here :-) 
 Champ has Sired some lovely puppies for Anette
 and we are so pleased to have a daughter of him
 and the lovely "Didi" to go on with... 

We wish Tipsy a happy retirement!  She is currently in Seattle but we will eventually be seeing her in Maui...


Caper was a dream to show and loved to be out there.  More then that she was a wonderful Mom - free whelping her litters and raising happy confident pups. 

We have a number of her Grand-kids in our home.  We are looking forward to her daughter "Etta" above having a litter in the future. 

We are sure that Shannon and Leo will enjoy her as much as we did - our house won't be the same without her! 

Dam of : 
First Litter - 
 GrCh Am/Can Ch  Amblegreen Notti but Nice
BIS  Can Ch Amblegreen Spoiled not Rotten
NORDJV08 DKKV09 Danish Ch Amblegreen Danish Connection 
2nd Litter -
Am/Can Ch. Amblegreen Notti By Design 
Frozen Semen available - Amblegreen Definitely Notti  
3rd Litter - 
Amblegreen Notti Marietta RN JE

As well as many happy healthy pets whom we are so Proud of!  
Milly/Henry/Harry and Rascal


BPISS Can. & Am. Champion Amblegreen Notti Biscotti

Sire: Am/Can Ch. Windsor's Repeat Offender
 Dam:  Can. Ch. Rowan Mayfair of the Wild Witches

Grizzle, DOB 11/04/05
CHIC # 51529
Cerf Clear (Mar. 2011 ) - NT-439/2011
OFA Hips - NT-322G30F-VPI
OFA Elbows - NT-EL42F30-VPI
OFA Patellas - NT-PA88/16F/P-PI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA52-19F/C-PI
DNA Profile # V473608
DNA - Normal/Clear for "Fluffy" Gene

Breeders: Heather & Geoff Tomlins 

Owners: Shannon and Leo & also her Sire "Flint"

Highlights include: 

- 2007 - #1 Bitch & #2 overall
- Multiple Group Placements
- BPISS at Tradex ! 
- Multiple Puppy Group Wins


Highlights include: 

- Multiple Group Placements
- Finished in the US with all Majors from Bred By
- Finished her US Grand Championship in 7 shows

Most importantly Kiwi is the Dam of our "Kona"  her 'one and only' puppy.  In early 2012,  Kiwi was spayed due to uterine complications - we are extremely sad about this but so glad we have Kona... 


GrCh Am/Can Ch  Amblegreen Notti but Nice

Red, DOB 02/04/08
CHIC # 66914
Cerf Clear (Aug. 2011 ) - NT-570/2011
OFA Patellas - NT-PA220/12F/P-VPI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA89-12F/P-VPI
OFA Hips - NT-491G29F-VPI
By descent - Normal/Clear for "Fluffy" Gene

 Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Maralinga Johnny Be Good  
 Dam:  Am/Can Ch. Amblegreen Notti Biscotti

Breeder/Owners:  Amblegreen - 
Heather & Geoff Tomlins 

New owners: The Puchailo Family

Kiwi was a happy go lucky girl with incredible bone and presence.  She loved to be out showing and was my First Norwich that I earned all points in both countries from Bred By!  She was also our first Norwich to earn the American Grand Championship with.  


Retired and living with his daughter "Caper"and Shannon and Leo his wonderful owners

 * Only frozen semen available now *

Am/Can/Int. Yth Ch.
Windsor's Repeat Offender (Flint)

Black & Tan, DOB 04/6/04 
CHIC # 41290
 Cerf Clear (Feb. 2009) - NT-324/2009-59 
OFA Hips #NT-201G24M-PI
OFA Patellas NT- PA75/29M/P-PI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA50/38M/C-PI
DNA Profile # V376885
DNA - Normal/Clear for the "Fluffy" gene

Sire: Am Ch Cobblestone's Huck Finn
Dam: Am Ch Waiterocks Chase N  Cassandra
Breeders: Dori & Phil Ramon 



Flint has a zest for life that is quite amazing.   Hiis confidence and natural ability is wonderful to see. His pedigree offered a nice outcross to our girls and he has certainly made a valuable contribution to our breeding program.   He has Sired many great kids for us,  and friends and we we wish them all great success in the future... 


Flint is now retired and living the life of leisure with his new 'family' ...we wish him the very best and can't Thank him enough for all that he has contributed to our breeding program. 

Some highlights include : 

#2 Norwich in Canada for 2005 
 #4 in 2006 - with limited showing 
- in 2005 - 8 Group Placements, with a Group 1 at Canada's largest dog show (LMDF - Tradex) 
- 3 Best Puppy in Group wins. 
- 2 Best Puppy in Show & 2 Reserve Best Puppy in Shows at the International Show
  2005 (results in U.S.) - finished his US Championships at his 2nd show with all majors.

2006 (results in Canada) - Finished #4 in Canada 
shown at a limited number of shows he still gathered a number of Group wins. This included a Group 1 at the July B.C. All Terrier Club Booster in Vernon.  Esteemed Terrier man, Ric Chashoudian was the judge and we really appreciate the nice win. 


Caper's Son - Retired
Only Frozen Semen available

Amblegreen Definitely Notti  (Cedric)

Red Wheaten, DOB 03/18/09
Sire:  Am/Can Ch Dralion's Smiles and Chuckles
Dam: BPISS Am/Can Ch Amblegreen Notti Biscotti

CHIC # - 73030
Cerf Clear (Aug. 2010) - NT-715/2010/16
OFA Hips - NT-554G24M/VPI
OFA Patellas - NT-PA341/12M/P-VPI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA114/12m/P-VPI
By descent - Normal/Clear for "Fluffy" Gene

Bred by Heather & Geoff Tomlins/Amblegreen

Owned by 
Robyn Woodward &
Heather Tomlins

We are always delighted to hear how Cedric is doing and love to get Robyn's wonderful updates on him.  He has completed two puppy obedience courses and is doing well.  Robyn says that he definitely lives up to his name of "Definitely Notti", which  makes us smile hearing that!!  Although Cedric will not be shown due to Robyn and him having an active 'travel' schedule - we do look forward to his contribution to our breeding program. 


Cedric at 11 1/2 months - boy does he remind us of his Dad!!!

We have had many great photos of Cedric sent to us from Robyn and so enjoy sharing them with everyone! 


We are so pleased that Shiner is down in Texas with Gerry and Tonnie!  

For more information on him contact them at  


Am Ch. Amblegreen Itsy B Shiner Bock

Sire: Amblegreen Definitely Notti 
 Dam:  Am/ Can Ch. Amblegreen Malibu Barbie

CHIC # 85113
Cerf Clear (Jan. 2012 )
OFA Patellas - NT-PA565/22M/P-VPI
OFA Hips - NT-675G24M-VPI
By descent - Normal/Clear for "Fluffy" Gene

Red, DOB 09/10/10
Breeders : Heather & Geoff Tomlins
Owners:  Gerry & Tonnie Willrich &
Heather Tomlins 




Am/Can Ch. Amblegreen Notti By Design (Cider)

Sire:  Am/Can Ch Dralion's Smiles and Chuckles
Dam: BPISS Am/Can Ch Amblegreen Notti Biscotti

Grizzle, DOB 03/18/09
Cerf Clear (Aug. 2010) NT726/2010
OFA Patellas - NT-PA342/12F/P-VPI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA115/12F/P-VPI
OFA Hips - NT-559G26F-VPI
By descent - Normal/Clear for "Fluffy" Gene

Breeder: Heather & Geoff Tomlins
Handled by Cyndy Monk

Retired now and Owned by Sandra Kewley


Cider is definitely a character - with tons of attitude and a real sense of humour!  

Cider made the journey to Montgomery 2009 and showed wonderfully for her 2nd show!  She won her class at Hatboro & picked up a 4th the second day.  Most exciting was her going Best Opposite Sex in Sweeps at the prestigious Montgomery Kennel Club show!  Special Thanks to judge Laurie Loeffler for this nice win.

Not to be outdone at home,  Cider finished her Canadian Championship at the Tradex show '09 (largest dog show in Canada). At just over 7 months old she went Winners Bitch the first 3 days and also went Best of Breed over Specials!  

On our recent April 2010 visits to the US - Cider picked up her first Major, and also went Best in Sweeps at the NorCal Specialty along with a Group 3 in Sweeps! 

She finished her US Championship in August 2010 at the Western Washington Terrier Shows...

Her only daughter "Fizz" is seen below...

Am Ch. Amblegreen A Perfect Cider 

Sire: Am/Can Ch. Windsor's Repeat Offender
Dam: Am/Can Ch. Amblegreen Notti By Design (Cider)

By descent - Normal/Clear for "Fluffy" Gene
Black and Tan, DOB Nov.7, 2010

Breeder:  Cyndy Monk & Heather Tomlins
Owner: Debra Dougherty

Congratulations to her new owner Debra - we hope Fizz brings you a life time of happiness and laughs! I'm sure she will enjoy your Southern California Sunshine... 

Fizz is a going concern!  We wanted to "Brag" about her - she went to Idaho in 2011 to a new circuit for us. We are so Proud of her as she ended up going Best of Winners two of the day!  She picked up 13 points in total -  not bad for a 7 month old!!

Fizz also did us Proud at the recent Western Washington All Terrier Specialty going Best Opposite Sex over Specials for another major ! She was also chosen at the Norwich Puppy to show in Group. Fizz finished in a remarkably short time and represents the 6th Champion 'kid' for Flint!   


Am/ Can. Ch Maralinga Malibu of Amblegreen

Sire: Can. Ch. Maralinga Johnny B Good
 Dam:  Maralinga Morningstar
Breeders : Dianne & Ray Ivey

This is "Boo".  It is said that if you are lucky enough "a dog that makes you smile and 'fills' your eye will come along every now and then".  I have been lucky in my life to own a few of 'these' dogs... and Boo certainly has me beaming like a crazy woman!   She is a delightful girl with a wonderful attitude.  Her infectious love of life makes her a joy to be around.  We are so thrilled that we have Boo's lovely daughter Barbie...sadly Boo has been spayed due to complications.  

We are so pleased that she has retired to a life in Victoria now and wish her many more great years!



Red, DOB 07/27/05
Cerf Clear (Feb.09) - NT-370/2009-43
OFA Hips - Prelim. Excellent
OFA Patellas - NT-PA77/13F/P-PI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA51/22F/C-PI
DNA Profile # V473606


"Champ" finished the year as the 
Danish Kennel Club Breed Winner '09 !! 


Caper's Son: Champ

DKCH NORDJV08 DKKV09 Danish Champion Amblegreen Danish Connection 

OFA Patellas - NT-PA236/12M/ P-VPI
OFA Cardiac - NT-CA93/12M/P-VPI
By descent - Normal/Clear for "Fluffy" Gene

We are pleased to mention that Kiwi and Soda's handsome littermate is now in Denmark. Champ (Amblegreen Danish Connection) made the long journey from Canada with his owner Anette Lysgaard of Ru'Cairn's Norwich.  

Update on Champ - Since September 2008 - Champ has earned  BIS #4 Puppy, BIS #3 Puppy, and more exciting two BIS Puppy #1's!!! 

His other big news is that he now has his first title "Nordic Junior Winner '08" and his first CC.  The judge for this nice wins was Peter Green from the US.  Big Congratulations from us all in Canada!!  Champ recently earned his final CC (following the 18 month age limit) and is now officially a Danish Champion too!


BIS  Can Ch  Amblegreen Spoiled not Rotten  "Soda" 

Red, DOB 02/04/08
Cerf Clear (Feb. 2009 ) - NT-569/2009
By descent - Normal/Clear for "Fluffy" Gene

 Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Maralinga Johnny Be Good  
 Dam:  Am/ Can Ch. Amblegreen Notti Biscotti

Breeder : Heather Tomlins
Owner:  Catherine Mutala 

*We are pleased to say that Soda earned a Best in Show at her first adult show - just over 12 months old !!  She also finished her Championship that day - nice way to do it ... She has gone on to pick up numerous group wins and placements, and ended 2009 as #1 Norwich Bitch in Canada!!   
Special Congrats to Soda's co-owner and handler at that time - Cyndy Monk! *

*BIS Ch. Amblegreen Spoiled Not Rotten (Soda) ended 2009 making us very PROUD. She was shown for only a small part of the year and... 
  At the recent BC All Terrier Club Awards event Soda earned:
 Top Terrier
Top Terrier in BC
Top Owner Bred
Owner Handled of the Year
Top Owner Handled in B.C.


Kiwi's & Champ's Litter  Sister...

We can't say thank you enough to my wonderful friend and Soda's co-owner/handler - Cyndy Monk - you are the Best and always make me so Proud when you are out there showing one or my Norwich!