Amblegreen's Puppies 

Precious babes - litter born in November 2015 - two little girls! Piper & Bear

Stella's pups 3 weeks

We are planning a Norwich litter  in the spring/early summer 2018 but have a number of people already waiting.  With small litter sizes there is no way to know if we might have something!  Contact us for more information.


-Since all our terriers  share our home, we are committed to enjoying only a couple of litters in any given year. With this commitment, we are very careful about who we breed, and when.  We generally breed only when we are looking for a possible dog or bitch to contribute to our own breeding program.  

-Our puppies represent the future success of Amblegreen. We spend a lot of time researching pedigrees and evaluating individual terriers in order to achieve the best possible success in our breeding program. 

- Because we believe so strongly in health testing we choose to use stud dogs who have also had similar testing done.  As well we require girls who come in for breeding to also have testing completed... 

- We are proud of the quality, temperaments, and health of our puppies, and are dedicated to producing the best terrier possible.

- We whelp and raise the puppies in our home exposing them to all aspects of daily family life.

- By the time they are ready to make the transfer from our home to yours they have been handled by many adults and children and are used to the day to day noises of life.

- Housebreaking skills and crate training commence at about 6-weeks of age.

- No matter who you decide to get your Norwich puppy or Havanese from it is important that your breeder is testing for possible problems in their breeding dogs.  They should be testing for possible hip/knee and eye problems as a minimum, and should be certifying these tests with the appropriate organization.  Please check out our links page as it has the health organizations listed and it is very easy to verify.

- Being a breed of small numbers (Norwich) means you should expect to wait a while for a puppy.  Generally in Canada there are approximately 60 pups born in any one year! 

We feel that being handled, and exposed to so many things makes Amblegreen's Puppies well rounded terriers that are able to cope with most situations. As proud "grand-parents" we encourage you to keep in touch, and we remain available to answer questions or provide assistance.  We are also happy and proud to provide references from previous puppy buyers. 

Rosies boys - one day old

Our Norwich puppies  come with a health guarantee and all their CKC paperwork. They will also have received their vaccines and worming appropriate for their age, and are either tattooed or micro-chipped.